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Excellent Safety and Security Window Films

While safety films make it harder to break your windows, they aren't as strong as security films. Security films typically have a 4 to 10 mil thickness. They are also commonly sold with a 15 mil thickness, making it harder for burglars to penetrate your home.

Contact us today for installing safety and security films in your home. We’ll provide you with a quick quote and complete the job on time. 

Enhanced Window Safety

Protect your tenants or family from broken glass when you have a safety film installed. For a film to be considered a safety film, it has to pass basic impact testing. This gives the assurance that you're getting a quality product. From us, you can buy safety films with different resistance levels to accommodate your needs.
Window Films

Window Assessment

If your window is chipped or cracked, tinted or reflective film may cause your window to break due to the increase in temperature of the window.

Get in touch with our team at Pittsburgh Window Film. We know how to properly assess windows in order to provide the right insurance policy for you. Also, contact us to learn more about our commercial and residential window tinting services.
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Increase the security and safety of your home with our security and safety film.
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