Glare Reduction

Amazing Glare Reduction Services

Do you need to reduce the glare in your building? Glare reduction is simple. If you want to reduce the glare by half, simply reduce the incoming light by half. To reduce your glare, tint your windows. 

While the glare won't be completely gone, the tinted film will definitely reduce the majority of it. At Pittsburgh Window Film, our friendly staff is happy to help you figure out what tint is best for your needs. 
Darker Tinted Film

Darker Tinted Film for Less Glare

The glare from outside can make it difficult to see your computer or television screen. To reduce this problem, you'll have to get a fairly dark window film that reduces 80% of the glare.

When you get a film this dark, your view outside the window can become limited. At Pittsburgh Window Film, we try to find you a happy medium that reduces your glare problem without ruining your view. See our commercial and residential window tinting services for more information.
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